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Thinking Out of the Box

Congratulations to Christina Malapane and Sanele Zungu
  • 12 Apr 2021
    Thinking Out of the Box article altrnative text

    Two of our apprentices made some ground breaking innovation with a combination of all the products that we manufacture at Supreme Spring. They identified this innovation and named “Supreme Lazy Boy” created by Christina Malapane and Sanele Zungu, showing off our parts that can be even used even outside the automotive industry. These ...

    2016 Dakar Rally

    Toyota South Africa
  • 11 Feb 2016
    2016 Dakar Rally article altrnative text

    Dakar Rally 2016

    Being involved with the Dakar rally over the past few years has given Supreme Spring the confidence that our suspension products developed for this vehicle tested in the extremes, and standing up and exceeding the expectations under the conditions of use. 

    Toyota South Africa made h...

    New Ford Ranger Visits Supreme Spring

    Newer is better
  • 11 Feb 2016
    New Ford Ranger Visits Supreme Spring article altrnative text

    The new Ford Ranger (T6) made a visit to Supreme Spring to mark the Supplier launch of the new Ford T6. For this new Ranger, Supreme Spring participated in the design and development and now supplies the Coils springs, Leaf springs and Stabilizer bars for this vehicle.



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