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Coil Springs

Supreme Spring

Coil Springs

Supreme Spring is proud to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality coil springs, serving both the local South African and international markets. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every coil spring we produce meets the highest standards of quality and reliability, making us a trusted name in the automotive industry.

Expert Manufacturing of Coil Springs

At Supreme Spring, we manufacture coil springs ranging from 0.8mm to 25mm in diameter. Utilizing both hot and cold form technologies, we tailor our manufacturing process to meet specific design stress levels and weight optimization requirements. Our advanced techniques and rigorous quality control measures ensure that our coil springs deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Advanced Process Features:

  • High-Quality Materials: We use Silicon Chrome and Chrome Vanadium Spring Steel, known for their superior strength and longevity.
  • Precision Material Handling: Includes hand-drawn or peeled bar material and tapered material for progressive rate design.
  • Comprehensive Testing: MPI crack detection, end tapering or end grinding, and 100% in-line load testing to ensure product integrity.
  • Specialised Forms: We offer double pigtail and miniblock forms, catering to various suspension needs.
  • Hot Pre-Setting and Shot Peening: Utilizing hot pre-setting and combination cold or hot shot peening to enhance durability.
  • Protective Finishing: Options for e-coat or powder coat finishing to prevent corrosion.
  • Performance Validation: Side force load testing and batch fatigue testing to guarantee the highest performance standards.

Wide Range of Applications:

Our coil springs are designed and manufactured for a variety of vehicle suspension applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, or heavy-duty trucks, our springs provide unmatched support and stability.

  • Side Action Coil Springs: Ideal for applications requiring lateral stability.
  • Mini-Block Springs: Perfect for compact spaces while maintaining strength.
  • Conical Springs: Designed for uniform load distribution and space efficiency.
  • Progressive Rate Springs: Provide variable resistance for enhanced ride comfort and handling.

Trusted by Leading Automotive Brands:

Supreme Spring's coil springs are trusted by major automotive manufacturers for their reliability and performance. Our customers include industry giants such as:

  • Toyota: Hilux, Fortuner, Corolla
  • Ford: Ranger, Focus
  • Mazda: BT-50
  • GM: Opel Corsa, Chev Utility
  • BMW

Proudly South African Quality:

As a Proudly South African company, we take immense pride in our heritage and our commitment to quality. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control processes ensure that every coil spring we produce meets the highest standards of excellence. We are dedicated to delivering products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations.

Explore the superior quality and performance of Supreme Spring coil springs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can meet your suspension needs.


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