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Technical Capabilities

Capable of almost anything

Product Testing and Validation

Half the battle
  • 11 Feb 2016
    Product Testing and Validation article altrnative text

    Supreme Spring employs a number of methods to evaluate and validate the final product from FEM analysis,  NDT testing to Bench testing covering

    • Corrosion Testing
    • Endurance testing (Cyclic)
    • Cold impact testing (Subzero  -40°C)
    • Multigrit testing (Stone chip e.t.c)
    • Load tes...

    Tool design

    Concurrent engineering practices
  • 11 Feb 2016
    Tool design article altrnative text

    Supreme Spring follows Concurrent engineering practices which aids immensley in reducing the product's time to market as the process reduces the lead time required to launch the final product into production. It is for these reasons that Tool design and Tool manufacture are conducted mainly in house or carefully outsourced to capable contrac...

    Design and Drawings

    Step 2
  • 11 Feb 2016
    Design and Drawings article altrnative text

    From the design calculations, manufacturing drawings are created capturing all critical attributes important to the customer to guide the manufacturing process.


    Signed MOU Signed MOU

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    Two of our apprentices made some ground br...

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    In conjunction with the training and suppo...


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    Supreme Sp...

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    Stabilizer Bars stabilizers_web_2.jpg Stabilizer Bars

    Supreme Sp...

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