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Awards 2022

13 Jan 2023

The 2022 staff awards ceremony at Supreme Spring was a day to remember as the company celebrated the hard work and dedication of its employees. The event, held at the company's headquarters, brought together employees from across all departments to celebrate their contributions to the company's success. The Master of Ceremony was COO Phethego Kgomo, who set the tone for the day and guided the audience through the event.

The ceremony began with a welcoming speech by Operations Director Martin de Lange, who highlighted the importance of the event and the role that each employee plays in the company's success. He also spoke about the company's growth and the milestones achieved over the past year and thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication.

The awards ceremony itself was a highlight of the day, with employees being recognized for their exceptional performance in various categories. These included Long Service Awards, Quality & Near Misses, the awards presented for Plant 1 & 3 by the Plant Manager Damien Harris and Plant 2 by the Plant Manager Selwyn Govender. Each award winner was presented with a certificate to commemorate their achievement.

One of the most anticipated awards of the day was the Long Service Awards, which were presented to individuals who had dedicated several years of service to the company and had played a key role in its success. The winners were recognized for their commitment to excellence and their dedication to the company.

The Quality & Near Misses awards were presented to employees who had demonstrated exceptional performance in their roles and had contributed to the company's success in these areas. The winners were recognized for their ability to maintain high standards and for their dedication to the company.

Overall, the 2022 staff awards ceremony at Supreme Spring was a great success, with employees feeling appreciated and motivated to continue their hard work. The company is looking forward to another successful year ahead and is proud to have such a dedicated and hard-working team.


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