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Employee Spotlight

A Day in the life of Sipho Khasa

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Employee Spotlight

A day in the life of: Sipho Khasa

1. Tell us about your professional journey with Supreme Spring.

I started, as a “Truck” driver for 2 years, then later due an accident was for forced to only drive the truck, the tractor, and the forklift only internally between the plants.

2. What motivates you to do your best at your work & what key advice can you share with fellow colleagues?

Taking care of my family has always been the drive for me and Supreme has always been the core financial support for more than 25 years.

3. Give us the toughest challenges you’ve had to work & suggest how our company can be more resilient?

Working as a tractor & forklift, the weather has always been the biggest challenge in my line of work, more especially when we are running behind with products for the customer trucks to collect.

The company to communicate more with employees as we did during ‘National Springs’, where the directors would call employees & update us about the company’s performance as well as the future.  This is much more appreciated than the information on the notice boards.

4. What’s your secret talent & Tell us something about Supreme Spring that most people may not know?

I have always loved travelling more especially long distance trucking. I got to know many places, so my talent would be truck driving.

I think most of our employees don’t really know or comprehend the time pressure we are in, more especial if fall to deliver required quantities to dispatch trucks. Which can cause a truck turn back empty due to time.

  • 13 Jul 2023


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